304 Language School

Corporate English Training

Apart from our Business English course being created exclusively for the business environment, we also have additional resources available to your team. These materials are intended to give your employees the opportunity to practice dealing with business-style language and settings, so better preparing them for the business world. Not only will these materials help your employees develop practical skills and knowledge, they will also help boost their confidence while speaking English. Market Leader, For Today, and free access to FT.com from the Financial Times are among these tools.

Market Leader by 304 Language School

Market Leader is one of the world’s most popular business language programs and is aligned to the globally recognized standard – Common European Framework of Languages (CEFR). We offer corporations 6 levels of customized, blended learning courses from this program. These will train your employees to international standards using relevant materials such as Cambridge Assessment English and the Financial Times to cover useful and practical topics relevant to the business world.

Topics Include

• Critical Thinking
• Leadership
• Communications
• Problems in the workplace
• Buying and selling
• Managing people

• Cultures
• Great ideas
• Work stress
• Future careers
• International markets
• Planning
• Conflict

• Competition in Business
• Telephone skills
• Interview skills
• Presentation skills
• Negotiations
• Real-situation discussions
• Many more business-related activities

Each of the 6 levels of the student-oriented courses consists of 120-minutes classes in your company held twice a week depending on your needs. To ensure that your employees receive the best learning experience the classes follow a clear syllabus and include:

• Learn beyond language, focus on Critical thinking and Leadership development
• Emphasize on real-situations discussions and problem-solving practices
• Reading texts from the Financial Times and other authentic sources
• Interviews with world-wide leaders reflecting the global nature of business
• Essential business communication skills and focus on cultural awareness